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Dog attack reported at Pincushion

Day hikers/Wikimedia
Day hikers/Wikimedia

On Wednesday, the Cook County Sheriff's Office investigated the report of a 19 year old Grand Marais woman who was attacked by a stray dog near the Pincushion Trail system.  The attack occurred Tuesday night while the woman was alone walking along the trail leading to the old dump.  
Unprovoked, the dog charged and attacked her, biting and clawing at her face.  The woman defended herself by covering her head and face and playing dead.  She received scratches on her face and shoulder, and a couple of puncture wounds.  She was treated and released.

The dog was described as a mostly black, skinny German Shepherd mix, with matted hair and was possibly mangy.   However, she was certain it was a domesticated animal.

The Pincushion Trails have been posted warning hikers of the potentially stray dangerous dog. The animal should not be approached and contact the Cook County if it is sighted.