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DNR wolf specialist Dan Stark on Minnesota's inaugural wolf hunt

Gray Wolf - photo by Tracy Brooks, USFWS
Gray Wolf - photo by Tracy Brooks, USFWS

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The early season for Minnesota's first regulated wolf hunt has closed with nearly 150 wolves killed.
The state Department of Natural Resources numbers show that by the Sunday, November 18th 10 p.m. deadline for registering the last day's wolf kills, hunters reported 147 animals taken in the state's three zones.  The northwest zone had 78 wolves killed, followed by the northeast with 61 and the east central zone with eight. 
The DNR had set a limit of 200 wolves for the early season. The number that weren't taken to reach the limit will be added to the second season, which is open to both hunters and trappers. That season runs from November 24th to January 31st. The limit for both seasons is 400.
The DNR issued 3,600 permits for the early wolf-hunting season and 2,400 for the late season.
The region's wolves were taken off the endangered list last January.

DNR Wolf specialist Dan Stark spoke with WTIP morning show host Mary Manning on Tuesday, November 20 about how the early season went and what to expect in the upcoming late hunting and trapping season.