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DNR conducting area fisheries surveys

Walleye painting - USFWS
Walleye painting - USFWS

Fisheries staff from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Grand Marais area office will be conducting surveys and assessments on several area lakes and streams during the next few months.  
The DNR conducts fisheries surveys and assessments on a regular basis to monitor changes in fish populations and to determine if management strategies have been effective.  Information collected in 2010 will be available as a lake survey report in the spring of 2011. Lake surveys are available online at or from the Grand Marais area fisheries office.
Public comments and suggestions for future management of these waters are welcomed at any time. All current lake and stream management plans for the Grand Marais area are available for review at the DNR area office, 1356 E. Highway 61 in Grand Marais.
Survey plans are tentative.  Lakes and streams may be added or dropped and timing may change. Waters scheduled for standard surveys or assessments include:
·        Alder and Tait lakes, a near-shore survey of Pickerel Lake and a habitat check on Nestor Creek on July 12.
·        Cascade River, Kadunce Creek, Kimball Creek and the Devil Track River and do a near-shore survey of Ward Lake on Aug. 9.
·        Chester Lake on Sept. 20.
·        Crab Lake and a near-shore survey of Little Cascade Lake on July 5.
·        Dislocation, Monker, and Little Cascade lakes on June 7.
·        Elbow Creek, Kadunce Creek, the Cascade River, Junco Creek and Nestor Creek on Aug. 24.
·        Elbow Lake and a near-shore survey of Leo Lake on Aug. 30.
·        Gabimichigami Lake on Sept. 13.
·        Irish Creek, Portage Brook and the Onion River and do a near-shore survey of Chester Lake on Aug. 16
·        Morgan, Juno, Mark and Ward lakes on June 28.
·        Leo Lake on Sept. 27.
·        Little Trout Lake and a near-shore survey of Pit Lake on July 26.
·        Moon (near Flour L.), Gogebic, Pit and Hand lakes on June 14.
·        Moosehorn Lake on Oct. 18.
·        Pickerel, Bingshick, and Little Portage lakes and night electrofishing on Tait and Trout lakes on June 21.
·        Portage and Weasel (Sled) Lakes on May 31.
·        Swamp River, Fiddle Creek and the Flute Reed River and do a near-shore survey of Elbow Lake on Aug. 2.
·        Thrush Lake on Oct. 4.
·        Trout Lake, a walleye reproduction check on Devil Track Lake and a near-shore survey on Mark Lake on July 19.
·        Turnip Lake on Oct. 11.
·        Unnamed Lake (near Tom Lake) on May 10.
·        Vale and Gadwall lakes on Sept. 6.
For more information, contact the Grand Marais area fisheries supervisor at 218-387-3056 or by email, at