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DNR changes moose and bear season rules

Bull moose in Superior National Forest
Bull moose in Superior National Forest

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed it will issue only half the number of moose hunting permits this year than last. As reported last week, the area moose population has dropped to just 4,900 animals, a decline from last year’s estimate of 5,500 and down from 7,800 the year before.

This will prompt the DNR to issue just 105 bull moose permits for this year’s two-week October hunt – down from 213 permits in 2010.

In another decision, DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr says the agency will not protect radio-collared bears from hunters this fall. He said earlier this week that making it illegal to harvest radio-collared bears would be largely unenforceable.

Ely bear researcher Lynn Rogers, whose collared bears would be affected, said he was disappointed with the DNR decision. Rogers is founder of the North American Bear Center.