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Current County Board chair and vice-chair re-elected

Commissioner Jan Hall
Commissioner Jan Hall

The Cook County Board of Commissioners met in special session Tuesday morning to among other things select a chair and vice-chair for 2014.

The process began with the nomination of Commissioner Sue Hakes by Commissioner Heidi Doo-Kirk. Hakes made a brief statement expressing her willingness and enthusiasm to serve. Hakes has represented Grand Marais West on the board for three years and previously served as mayor of Grand Marais.

Commissioners Gamble, Hall and Martinson each declined to second and the motion died.

Gamble then nominated Commissioner Jan Hall. Hall is currently board chair and also held the position in 2012. Martinson made the second. The vote was 2-2, with Hakes and Doo-Kirk opposed. Hall then cast the deciding vote and was re-elected as chair for the coming year.  Commissioner Martinson was then nominated for and elected to the position of vice chair.

The action of retaining Hall and Martinson in their board positions for another year runs counter to a historical tradition of rotating the board chair between commissioners.