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County Attorney releases apology statement

Tim Scannell. Photo: MPR
Tim Scannell. Photo: MPR

As reported late last week, Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell has been ordered to stay away from a 17-year-old girl and her parents after being accused of an improper relationship with the girl.

According to court documents, the restraining order is in effect for two years. The petition alleges reasonable grounds Scannell followed, pursued or stalked the teen as well as made harassing phone calls.

This week Scannell, through his Minneapolis attorneys, Caplan and Tamburino, released a statement in which he apologizes for his actions.
In the statement, Scannell says, in part, “I wish to express my sincere apology and make amends to the people of Cook County for the personal situation in which I am currently involved. 
“The issues relating to the temporary harassment order never involved my position as the Cook County Attorney or any part of the County Attorney’s Office.  It was, and is, absolutely and completely a personal matter.  However I recognize that I have breached your trust, and I hope to repair that trust over time.”
Scannell goes on to say he intends to fulfill his duties as County Attorney to the very best of his abilities.
He concludes, “I know that many of you have questions.  I am certain that those will be answered as this process progresses in the next few weeks.”
Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk has asked the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigate.