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City council discusses traffic safety and speed signs

Speed control sign
Speed control sign

The Grand Marais City Council was brought up to speed on speed limits at Wednesday’s meeting. City Administrator Mike Roth told councilors an electronic “Your Speed Is” sign will be ordered next week. When it arrives – hopefully in June – the sign will be placed next to the fixed speed limit sign near the bottom of the hill on Hwy 61 West.
The flashing sign warns motorists of their speed as they approach the 30 mph zone at the Rec Park entrance. The sign is similar to a mobile unit used by the Sheriff’s Department, only the city sign will be stationary.
"Event Congestion Ahead" signs will also be used this summer to slow traffic down during the busy summer months, especially during the several festivals and Fisherman’s Picnic. Mayor Sue Hakes said
 “These actions are part of an overall plan by the Council to improve pedestrian safety.”
The city is also adding crosswalk designations across Hwy 61 and is working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to do traffic and speed monitoring to determine if changes to the speed limit are needed.