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Chik-Wauk Museum opens July 4

Springtime on the Gunflint Trail mural at Chik-Walk
Springtime on the Gunflint Trail mural at Chik-Walk

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Well, we are on the line with Judy Edlund, who is the events chairperson for the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center grand opening which is scheduled for the fourth of July. Good morning, Judy.
Edlund: Good morning.
I know that you’re expecting a big crowd, tell us how you’re going to handle all those people. Are you suggesting things like carpooling and that kind of thing?
Edlund: We are. We are going to hope that everybody feels very welcome and well-directed. We have a nice group of some of our volunteer firemen as well as a great parking committee with good volunteers. Our volunteers have asked us to call them “automotive placement engineers.”
Very good.
Edlund: But, anyway, we will have signage, saying “Flagman Ahead, Be Prepared To Stop.” Well, it’s about 58 miles, 57, 58 miles up the Gunflint Trail to Moose Pond Drive, which is County Road 81. And at that time, they’ll see the flagger and receive instructions to go either to parking in Moose Pond Drive or to County Road 11 and then to Trail’s End Campground, also. And then we have some very nice buses and vans to carry them right up to the museum.
And, people can bring their picnic lunches with them?
Edlund: That would be great.
OK. There are picnic tables available right?
Edlund: Yes. We do.
OK. Let’s talk about the July 4th schedule. The gates open at 11 am and the ceremony starts at 1 o’clock. What’s going to happen?
Edlund: We, of course, are hoping that people will come early, because that will get us all in there in a nice timely, orderly way. So, people are asked to get there by 11, 11:30, so we can get you parked. And, if you want to come even earlier and bring a picnic, the grounds are beautiful and the drive up is beautiful, so they’ll enjoy that. But, after they arrive, around noon, we’re going to have some music and we have some various little canopied tents. One is showing the history of the development of our museum, and then we have, of course, we’re still selling tickets for our quilt auction, the beautiful Gunflint Trail quilt, and we’ll have the drawing that day, and just several things for people to enjoy. Then, the ceremony will start at 1 pm.
Keynote speaker?
Edlund: Jim Sanders, the supervisor of the Superior National Forest.
You’re going to have tours of the museum. I suspect they’re going to be small tours. So, people are going to line up and take them through.
Edlund: We are. We’re going to actually have groups. When people, when they arrive and register, they’ll receive a name tag, and that name tag will have a number on it. So, at the end of the ribbon cutting, we’ll call for group number one, if you have a one on your name tag, you can start through. We know that people won’t have time to spend a lot of time in the museum on Sunday, but they can get a good taste of it and then come back and spend more time there. So, we’ll just have groups going through, and in the meantime, we’ll have other groups having their refreshments.
We’ve been talking with Judy Edlund, who is the events chairperson for the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center grand opening on the fourth of July, and it sounds to me Judy like things are pretty well organized.
Edlund: Thank you.
Good Luck on the fourth of July.
Edlund: Alright.