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Canadian documentary filmmaker talks about film "Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny"

Mark Sandiford, Filmmaker
Mark Sandiford, Filmmaker

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While studies of minority cultures have had a place in academia for many years, it’s rare that we have a good look at what people of different cultures and ethnicities think about white people and their culture traditions. In his documentary, Mark Sandiford, along with Inuit writer and satirist Zebedee Nungak, look at exactly this topic, exploring the uniqueness and eccentricities of the “white” way of life. “Qallunaat! Why White People are Funny” will be shown at North House as part of the Inuit Premiere this Friday, March 18th at 8 pm. Jana Berka of WTIP spoke with Mark by phone on Monday, March 14 on the AM Community Calendar program about the film and some of the things that make western culture, well, funny.

For more information about the screening, contact North House Folk School at 218-387-9762.

Photo courtesy of the Beachwalker Films, Inc. website.