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Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves, Part 4: Dr. Ginny Belden Charles

Ginny Belden Charles
Ginny Belden Charles

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In Part 4 of Bringing Out the Best of Ourselves, host Marcia Hyatt explores how to integrate power and love for healthy community dialogues.  She speaks with Adam Kahane, author of Power and Love, as well as Dr. Ginny Belden Charles who shares regional success stories of integrating power and love.  Finally, Marcia weaves these themes together to examine how to find forgiveness to move our community forward.

About Ginny Belden Charles:

Ginny Belden-Charles is a consultant and educator helping people build relationships across cultures, levels and disciplines and find coherent direction in the complexity facing organizations and communities today.


Ginny facilitates dialogue practices and participatory processes that promote creative, appreciative and collaborative leading.  She works with a wide range of business leaders, government officials, community change agents and thought leaders to address strategic and social change.   


In a recent project, Ginny guided a diverse group of women leaders from across the organic and sustainable food industry in North America to address how to work together more effectively to achieve their shared vision of a healthy and sustainable food system.


As an educator, Ginny is the Director of a new Master’s program in Relational Leading through the Taos Institute and Middlesex University in London and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Taos Institute. She has been on faculty with St. Catherine University Master’s Program in Organization Leadership and Pepperdine University’s Master’s Program in Organization Development.  She is a co-founder of the Center for Emerging Leadership and its Women’s Leadership Learning Community.

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The Dance of Me and We

In "The Dance of Me and We", Ginny ponders how, as we have become more global, interconnected and mobile, we find ourselves navigating multiple groups, organizations and cultures in the course of our day-to-day work.  She shares key observations about the types of tensions we experience in groups, and positive ways to work with this tension.  

See the pdf at the top of the page for the complete article.