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Autopsy finds Schlienz died of infection

Daniel Schlienz
Daniel Schlienz

DULUTH, Minn. — An autopsy finds the man accused of shooting a prosecutor and another man last month at the Cook County Courthouse died from a bacterial infection.

St. Louis County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Uncini said yesterday that 42-year-old Daniel Schlienz (shlinz) had a bacterial infection that is common but can become aggressive.

Schlienz had the bacteria in his blood but not in other parts of his body. WDIO-TV reports the infection caused severe complications that resulted in his death.

Schlienz died on December 27th. He had been taken to a Duluth hospital after reporting feeling sick at the St. Louis County Jail.
His death was ruled natural, and there was no evidence of any injuries. Schlienz was in custody for allegedly shooting and wounding a prosecutor and a witness at the courthouse.