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Artist Open House

Sculptors Dan and Lee Ross

This feature highlights the thoughts and ideas behind the work of area artists. Each segment showcases a particular individual and brings the listener into the artist’s studio. The series was funded in part by the Community Leaders Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

Arts, cultural and history features on WTIP are made possible in part by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Check out other programs and features funded in part with support from the Heritage Fund.

What's On:
Handmade book by Karen Smaby

Artist Open House: Karen Smaby makes books

Karen Smaby makes books. She has cut, folded and bound books for years…and along the way she’s helped hundreds of young people to discover and share the joys of her art.

Cooper turning a bowl

Artist Open House features bowl maker Cooper Ternes

Cooper Ternes makes wooden bowls patterned after the Scandinavian tradition.

A simple garbage can does the job

Remembering Kristi Downing

Kristi Downing, a well-known artist from our area, passed away the week of December 1, 2013.  This edition of Artist Open House featuring Kristi originally aired in Oct

Ice Flow II

Artist Open House features printmaker Jerry Riach

Jerry Riach is a printmaker who uses the medium to explore all the ways he can express ancient rocks of the North Shore.

Dancers in rehearsal at Art Colony. Photo: North Shore Hwy 61

Lenna Stever on Artist Open House

Lenna Stever dances, choreographs and teaches. She also loves all three. WTIP’s Jay Andersen recently visited with her for another edition of Artist Open House.

A card with plant materials

Artist Open House features card artist Susan Wolff

Susan Wolff works with paper in a very special way. She hand crafts cards that are elegant and simple.

Michael Monroe. Photo by Jim Brandenberg

Artist Open House features Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe has been making music for 40 years -- 20 of them in Cook County.  WTIP’s Jay Andersen recently visited with Michael about his unique creative process for Artist Open House.

Dave Seaton

Artist Open House: Guitar maker Dave Seaton

Before Dave Seaton went into the canoe outfitting business he built guitars.


Author Beryl Singleton Bissell

Beryl Singleton Bissell left the monastery to marry a former priest.

Blackburnian warbler

Wildlife photographer David Brislance on Artist Open House

David Brislance photographs birds and animals in the Lutsen forest where he lives. WTIP’s Jay Andersen recently visited with him for another edition of Artist Open House.