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Anishinaabe Way: Harvest Educational Learning Project

Paul and Larry
Paul and Larry

Harvest Evironmental Learning Project (HELP)-Mixdown.mp36.45 MB

The Harvest Educational Learning Project (HELP) is located in the
Penokee Range in Northern Wisconsin, at the site of the proposed Gogebic
Taconite Mine. In early March, organizers of the project were getting
ready for the birch and maple syrup season. Jennifer and Larry Ackley
and Paul DeMain invited me into one of the wigwams at the winter village
and shared more about the project's mission. More information about HELP
is available on the "Citizens Concerned about the Proposed Penokee Mine"
Facebook page.

Photo:  Paul DeMain and Larry Ackley at the entrance to the Harvest
Educational Learning Project.  Photo by Staci Drouillard.