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News and information, interviews, weather, upcoming events, music, school news, and many special features. North Shore Morning includes our popular trivia question - Pop Quiz! The North Shore Morning program is the place to connect with the people, culture and events of our region!

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Yellow-rumped warbler

West End News: April 18

 Feeding the birds outside your living room window is almost taken for granted here in the West End.  Watching birds at the feeder is such constant part of life that it often takes a visitor

Travis Novitsky's "Aurora Storm"

Anishinaabe Way: Johnson Loud Jr.

Johnson Loud Jr. is a potter, a painter, and an Episcopal Priest who has served his parish at Prairie Island, Minnesota for 15 years. He is from the Red Lake Ojibwe Reservation in Northern Minnesota.

Cook County Schools

School News from Cook County Middle School, April 19

Do you remember when you started middle school?  Do you remember the beginning of Jr.

Moose cow and calf.

Dr. Seth Moore: MN Zoo moose calf mortality study

Dr. Seth Moore is Director of Biology and Environment with the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa. 

Dave and Amy Freeman complete their 11,600 mile North American Odyssey.

West End News: April 11

Lutsen residents Dave and Amy Freeman have completed their epic trip around the continent that they call the North American Odyssey.  Starting in Seattle three years

Fred Smith brings us the latest from the Gunflint Trail (Matt Wan/Flickr)

Wildersmith April 12

Fred Smith is a native Iowan and retired high school athletic administrator now living on the upper Gunflint Trail with his wife Fran.

Lynn Sheils

School News from Sawtooth Mtn. Elementary, April 15

On April 25th, prospective kindergarten students who may attend Sawtooth Elementary school next year are invited for a special open house lunch event.

Cook County Schools

School News from Cook County Middle School, April 12

Next week, Cook County Middle Schools girls softball begins.

Birch Grove

School News from Birch Grove, Thursday, April 11

In this edition of School News, Hazel and Gavin report on the latest learning at Birch Grove Community School in Tofte.

Deputy Hallberg

School News from Sawtooth Mtn. Elementary, April 8

DARE is a long-standing, nation-wide program to help educate young people about decision making and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  Local Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Hallberg is now our local D