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News and information, interviews, weather, upcoming events, music, school news, and many special features. North Shore Morning includes our popular trivia question - Pop Quiz! The North Shore Morning program is the place to connect with the people, culture and events of our region!


What's On:
Grand Portage National Monument (Jvstin/Flickr)

Grand Portage National Monument Update: June 20

GPnationalmonument_repack_20140620.mp37.07 MB

Karl Koster is a ranger at the Grand Portage National Monument. He talked to WTIP about some of the events taking place at the monument this summer.


Dalmation Toadflax

Cook County Invasives Team Update: June 23

angeliqueedgerton_repack_20140623.mp39.04 MB

WTIP got an update from Angelique Edgerton, the Cook County Invasive Team's Coordinator about upcoming events with team, and how to stop the spread of Dalmation Toadflax.


Photo by Yen H Nguyen via Flickr.

Lake Superior Binational Forum on preventing flood damage

Lissa_LakeSuperiorBinational_repack.mp37.91 MB

WTIP talked to Lissa Radke of the Lake Superior Binational forum about some enviromentally friendly ways to prevent flood damage in urban areas.


Photo by Bill Gracey via Flickr.

The Explorer's Club ventures out

Explorer'sClub_Stover_repack.mp35.6 MB

The Explorer's Club is a field-trip based youth program for 6 through 11 year olds that meets Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Director Sarah Stover talked about their upcoming events and how to get involved.  More information from Cooperation Station at 387-1324 or Sarah at 248-787-4380.


Photo from

Andrew Beavers on the recent Lutsen Township Board Meeting

lutsentownship_repack_20140619.mp33.02 MB

WTIP talked to Andrew Beavers, supervisor of the Lutsen Township Board, about their most recent meeting.


Sustainable Ely and Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness gave a presentation in Grand Marais.

Becky Rom of Sustainable Ely on mining in Cook County

BECKY_ROM_WILL_01.mp38.24 MB

On May 21, Becky Rom, one of the founders of the Sustainable Ely project gave a presentation in Grand Marais about the effects of copper and precious metal mining in Northeastern Minnesota, including Cook County. WTIP'S Will Moore spoke to Becky after the presentation about these effects.


Garlic Mustard

Wildflower Walks with the Cook County Invasive Team

Invasives Update_Edgerton_repack_20140609.mp35.87 MB

The Cook County Invasive Team's coordinator Angelique Edgerton talked to WTIP about the upcoming events this season. Join them for Wildflower Walks and "Play Clean Go Day," and learn how to stop the spread of Garlic Mustard.

(Photo by Lorianne DiSabato on Flickr)


North Shore Healthcare Foundation logo

Honoring Choices Health Care Directive Workshop, June 14

honoringchoices_repack_nsm_20140606.mp315.3 MB

On Saturday, June 14, The North Shore Health Care Foundation will host a workshop to assist people with completing their health care directives. WTIP talked to NSHCF board members Jerry Lilja and Katie Anderson about what the Honoring Choices Health Care Directive is, and why it's important to complete.

Honoring Choices:  Completing your health care directive
Saturday June 14, 2014 , 9:30am to noon –  at the Arrowhead Center in Grand Marais
A program of the North Shore Healthcare Foundation designed to help you get started on your Health Care Directive.
The morning include a panel discussion featuring medical, legal, family and spiritual resource people from our community;
followed by  small focused groups for additional information and assistance. 
No registration is necessary.
More information from the North Shore Health Care Foundation at 387-9076.


Dave Tersteeg

Summer in the Park

Tersteeg_20140604.mp37.88 MB

Stand up paddle boarding, a little free library, master gardners in Harbor Park, and golf at Gunflint Hills.  North Shore Morning host Tracy Benson spoke with Rec Park Manager Dave Tersteeg for a report on the June meeting of the Grand Marais Park Board.


The Cook County YMCA will be offering programs this summer.

YMCA Summer Sports Programs

ymca_summersports_repack_20140527.mp316.26 MB

Summer is almost here, so WTIP talked with Colette Mueller, the Associate Executive Director of the Cook County YMCA, about the summer sports programs that Y will be offering. Included in the interview are the different options and how to sign up.