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Youth Voices Stories

Romance is complicated.

Romance Poem

Youth Producer Nina Woerheide's poem offers one youth's perspective on romance.

Se. Al Franken

Al Franken Interview

Youth Radio Producer Sean talks with Senator Franken about what it takes to get involved in politics.

Even in modern times, the internet can be difficult to understand.

Lucy - Internet Recipe

Youth Radio Producer Lucy Callender shares her creative recipe for the internet.

Broadband Interview

Youth Producer Lynden Interviews  Arrowhead’s Joe Butweiler about broadband progress.

The future can be daunting when every choice could change your life.

Gotta Getta Job

Youth Radio Producer Lynden shares his perspective on choosing a career path.

Cook County High School

What do you want to be?

In this interview with Mike McHugh, high school English teacher at Cook County Schools, Youth Radio Producer Lucy explores

Lynden examines love and the future, especially in Cook County.

Love & Stuff

Youth Radio Producer Lynden Blomberg shares his thoughts on love & relationships.

What would a computer virus say if it could speak?

Computer Virus

Youth Radio Producer Nina Woerheide's poem invites us into the world of a computer virus.

The internet is something we often take for granted.


Youth Radio Producer Sean talks about getting access to the internet at home for the first time.

Sean's Flirting Problem

Youth Producers Chloe & Lynden confront Sean about his flirting "problem."