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Youth Voices Stories

Lynden Blomberg

Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg shares his feelings about finding a job


In this commentary, Youth Producer Lynden Blomberg expresses his concern over the conflicts in finding a job.

Cook County High School

Youth Producer Lucy Callender explores the job of a high school English teacher

Youth Producer Lucy Callender has always considered having a job that involved English and language arts.

Cook County ISD 166

Interview with Kris Hoffman

Youth Producer Doran Acero interviews Kris Hoffman, the counselor at Cook County Middle and High School.

Senator Al Franken

Interview with Senator Al Franken

Youth Producer Sean MacDonell speaks with Senator Al Franken about the responsibilities of a U.S. Senator and what one can do to become involved in politics.

Art Colony Plein Air

Eric Thomas Emerging Artist Award

The Grand Marais Art Colony recently announced the Eric Thomas Emerging Artist Award.

Youth Radio Project

Flirting Problem


Youth Producer Chloe Blackburn talks to Lynden Blomberg about someone with a flirting problem. Lynden then interviews that someone about his "problematic" flirting.

Valentine’s Day Sidetracks

Movie Romance

Youth Producer Linnea Henrikson shares some popular movies which give varying insights into love.

Kids and radio

Elementary school kids describe love.

Youth Producers Chloe Blackburn and Doran Acero asked kids at Great Expectations School about love and Valentine's Day. This piece is awfully "special, special, special."

spider web imag.jpg

"Computer Virus"


Youth Producer Nina Woerheide shares an original poem about something inhuman that's prowling the web.

Islands smoke

Google Island

Continuing with features relating to the internet, Linnea Henrikson reads a passage from a short story about Google taking over our lives. It sounds a bit too possible...