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Earthworms can be beneficial in agricultural soils, but they can be destructive in the glaciated portion of our continent

Digging beneath the surface on earthworms

We use them for fishing and we use them for composting, but that doesn’t mean earthworms are all that nice to have around.

The thermo cline an important barrier that regulates how nutrients cycle in the lake

Another look at Lake Superior turnover

A good share of the health of Lake Superior is dependent upon water at 39 degrees.

Prof. Randel Hanson and students are working to win a community orchard for Duluth

UMD renovates old apple orchard in Duluth

Duluth is vying to win a community apple orchard, and they need the public’s help to get it. Randel Hanson is with UMD’s Department of Geographical Sciences.

Agriculture and expanding population along the shore are two of the biggest issues facing Lake Superior's health

Dr. Gerald Niemi on linkage between landscapes and coastal ecosystems

More than 600 freshwater scientists from around the world are in Duluth this week for a conference called “Big lakes, Big world.” It’s the 54th International Conference on Great Lake

The Great Lakes face many problems--including climate change, invasive species, contaminants and more

Duluth conference to look at major issues facing the Great Lakes

More than 600 freshwater scientists from around the world will be in Duluth next week for a conference called “Big lakes, Big world.”

Poplar River

Points North: Not fishing on the opener and other musings

Most Minnesota anglers celebrated the May 14 fishing opener by going after walleyes, but a friend and I headed for alternative waters.

Hooded Merganzer

Wildersmith May 20

Regardless of summer still being a month away according to the calendar, I believe we can declare the season pretty much upon us.

Scott Anfinson at Stonehenge

State archaelogists to map historical sites using remote sensing technology

The state of Minnesota has begun using remote sensing technology to find and map state archaeological sites by airplane, including along the North Shore.

Poplar River valley/Google Images

Poplar River controversy shifts to legislature

For decades Lutsen Mountains has been drawing water from the Poplar River to make snow in the winter months. Now there is legislation pending that would allow them to take more.

Blue Spotted Salamander

Time for the spring awakening

Birds, frogs and salamanders are all active as spring slowly moves into the northland. WTIPs Jay Andersen spoke to local naturalist Chel Anderson about returning birds and amphibians.