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North Woods Naturalist: Strange Fall

The prolonged fall was accountable for unusual late season events. WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about the strange fall.


Lonnie Dupre on his latest adventure, Vertical Nepal

Local explorer Lonnie Dupre recently returned from Nepal, where he and his team explored some newly-opened areas for possible climbs in 2016. He sat down with Dick Dec. 11 to share stories of his trip and what's next. You can learn more about Lonnie and his adventures here.

North Woods Naturalist: Fall turnover

In the fall inland lakes experience a turnover event. What is it and how does it affect fish? WTIP’s Jay Andersen talks with naturalist Chel Anderson about the fall turnover.


Building a trail & bridge, literally & figuratively, between two communities in northern Minnesota

U of MN landscape architecture professor John Koepke recently received a 'mini-grant' from the U of MN Institute on the Environment to plan a trail and bridge to connect the Cloquet Forestry Center and the Fond du Lac Reservation. He chatted with Dave Dec. 4 to explain more about the project and the importance of landscape architecture.

Lake Superior Project/Logo by Lauryl Loberg

Lake Superior herring decline linked to variety of factors

WTIP’s ongoing series the Lake Superior Project focuses on a variety of news stories impacting the region and the lake itself.

A Year in the Wilderness: November 30 - Skim ice

Cook County adventurers Dave and Amy Freeman are spending a year in the wilderness. On a regular basis they’ll be sharing some of their experiences travelling the BWCAW.

North Woods Naturalist: Atmospheric streams

A couple of weeks back we had a prolonged rainfall that might have an unusual effect for this time of year.


Cougars likely to recolonize middle part of U.S.

A new study shows that cougars, also known as mountain lions or pumas, are likely to recolonize portions of habitat in the middle part of the U.S. within the next 25 years. Dr. Michelle LaRue, a cougar researcher and executive director of the nonprofit  Cougar Network, talked about it with Dave recently. She says that northern Minnesota is fairly attractive cougar habitat.


Why are we wasting so much food? And how can we stop? Science writer Mary Hoff explains

If everyone hates wasting food, why do we still do it? And how can we stop? Mary Hoff, editor in chief of Ensia, the magazine of the Institute on the Environment at the U of MN, talked with Dick recently about how and why we waste food, and what we can do about it. Mary suggests and as places to learn more.

Winter greenhouse

Northern Gardening - Cold winter greenhouses

Deep winter greenhouses and how they can work to produce food on the North Shore are discussed on this program hosted by Diane Booth, Cook County Extension.